If you’re currently planning an event, whether one for personal reasons, such as a family wedding, or one for professional reasons, such as a promotional rally or expo for your company, you will doubtless have plenty of things to think and worry about.

However, it is very common that people in the midst of planning don’t fully consider all of the different facilities that they should be hiring for an event. Examples of commonly forgotten facilities include portable toilets, water stations, sufficient amounts of food and seating, and lights. Here is a guide and reminder of some of the facilities that you should be sure to keep in mind for your next public event, no matter how large or small.

Event Facilities

Portable Toilets

Perhaps the single most frequently forgotten important facilities in most events are portable toilets. It makes sense that they might slip the mind; after all, most of the time, we don’t think of toilets except for when we’re actually using them or when we really need to find one.

However, it’s crucial to have a good company in hand when it comes to portable toilet hire, as you can’t have a good party or event without a safe and sanitary place to go to the bathroom.

Your guests will feel like animals if you ask them to go off into the woods to attend to their needs, and they’ll simply resent you if they have to battle long lines in order to make it to the only bathroom in your house or the only portable toilet you set up out of a desire to save money. Be social and polite and simply make sure to look into portable toilet hire before the big day.

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Food and water

It might seem obvious, but a lot of people who plan events don’t seem to pay enough attention to making sure there’s enough food and water on the tables. People don’t like to be hungry, and there’s no quicker way to empty a social event than to run out of food and drink.

It’s understandable that one may be on a budget, but it’s important to keep guests well fed and well hydrated, especially if the event is scheduled to take place outdoors during the warmer seasons, as food and water might literally become a public health issue.

Tables and chairs and lights

Another quick way to clear a party is to leave people without enough places to sit or put things down. No one wants to spend a lot of time standing if they don’t have to, and it’s particularly frustrating to have to stand while watching lots of other people sit. As in the previous sections, rather than skimping out, make sure there are more than enough places to sit.

And at the same time, make sure there is a sufficient amount of lighting to last the length of the event. Unless you’re hosting owls, most people don’t see well in the dark, and for both safety and comfort reasons, having a well lit atmosphere is crucial to a positive user experience.