In a world where obesity is on the rise and people risk a short life through bad diet and lack of exercise it is important to avoid succumbing to this danger. Read on for a full explanation of how not to become a victim of this modern day problem.

First of all look at your diet. What are you eating that you should avoid and map out a healthy food alternative. If you are eating large amounts of carbohydrate and sugar-based foods such as deep fried potatoes and rich desserts you need to re balance your diet. It is amazing how relatively easy and simple changes to your diet can make a world of difference to health and body weight.

If you are not eating a daily intake of fruit and vegetables, then get cracking and do something about it. Fruit and vegetables are not only essential as part of a healthy diet but also flavorsome, and relatively easy to prepare and eat. Make sure you have an intake of green-leaf vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beans or Brussels sprouts, for example each day.


Combine lean cuts of meat with vegetables for adequate iron and to achieve a balanced diet. Eat at least one apple and one banana every day and oranges and water melon (when in season) are great for vitamin C. If you want to snack during the day, do not eat chocolate or biscuits. Eat raisins or raw carrots with some plain or flavoured yogurt if possible. That way you will get both fiber and calcium without the risk of calories and tooth decay.

Try to find the time to do some daily exercise around 4 to 5 days a week for 15 to 30 minutes a day where possible. If you work in a job that keeps you physically active such as a bricklayer or carpenter, you will get your daily exercise quota without needing any more than that. However, if you are a sedentary worker sitting at a desk all day, try to walk to work if you live close by your employment, or ride a bicycle if within a distance of two to ten miles or kilometers from your employment. But make sure you get a full medical check up from your doctor before engaging in strenuous exercise such as bicycle riding or gym workouts.

If you are a smoker, it is essential for you to quit as soon as possible no matter how hard that may be. If you drink alcohol, make sure you limit it to no more than one or two glasses a day of beer or wine, for example, and preferably have two or three alcohol free days a week. You should also consider the option of low alcohol beer rather than full strength. Avoid all hard liquor like vodka or whiskey. The danger of high alcohol content drinks is that you may be more inclined to become dependent on the strong kick you get from the alcohol content. If you are not already a drinker, don’t take it up as life can be just as enjoyable without it. Any cardiac benefits from alcohol can be gained by consuming garlic in your diet as a non drinker.

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Do not allow the stresses of life to get you down. Always maintain a happy, positive attitude to life and other people and always be optimistic – this is the best way to stave off depression. For these reasons it is important to surround yourself with positive people to avoid negative influences in your life.

Give yourself some exposure to the sun. Do not be so concerned about skin cancer that you keep yourself indoors all the time. Some sun exposure is needed to prevent vitamin D deficiency which contributes to depression and poor health. When entering the outdoors do it during the milder times of the day and year and don’t over expose your skin during the hottest months. Always wear a sunscreen and a hat.

Follow the strategy of eating healthy food, exercising, maintaining a positive attitude and living a healthy lifestyle and there is every reason why you should be able to stay fit and well and live well into old age.

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