The debate about Mac versus Window laptops has been one of the most talked about worldwide for quite some time now. While some people show a predisposition towards Mac laptops, others show such a deep appreciation for Windows laptops. People who have already made up their minds and decided on which side their love lies, are a bit difficult to convince otherwise.





Differences between Mac versus Windows Laptops

a) Pricing

  • It is quite true that issues of pricing will always apparently dominate any debate between Mac versus Window laptops. At the end of the day, affordability plays a very crucial role in determining whether an individual will really be interested in purchasing or acquiring either a Mac or Window laptop. Thus far, Window laptops appear to have an edge over Mac ones as they seem to be relatively cheaper.
  • However, issues of pricing are determined by several market forces and thus keep changing from time to time. An example is where at one point in 2008, the price of Macbook Air was placed at $3,197 compared to that of Lenovo ThinkPad X300 at $2,711. Interestingly, a mere few months afterwards, the price of Macbook Air had dropped to $2,598 thus pipping the Window laptop. The issue of pricing continues to be fought between these two models with increasing vigor.

b) Usage

  • There are specific Mac and Window laptops that are designed for particular professionals or groups of people. An example is Macbook Pro and HP Compaq 8710w Mobile Workstation. The HP laptop is fitted with a fingerprint scanner while the Macbook Pro is not. The HP laptop comes with a warranty while that for the Macbook Pro has to be purchased from Apples at an extra cost of $349, as at 2008.

c) Security

  • Thus far, it appears that Mac laptops have been more secure than Window laptops. This is because most of the spyware and viruses have been designed to target mostly Windows. Mac laptops are also targeted but not to the same degree and intensity as seen with the Windows laptops.

d) Design

  • While this is an issue that is a bit relative to determine, it is worth pointing out that Mac laptops’ keyboard are fitted with features which make them to glow whenever the surrounding lighting is dim. Windows laptops on the other hand are not so endowed with such attractive features.

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e) Models

  • Window laptops are more varied in number compared to their Mac counterparts. From Dell to HP, all these are laptops designed to operate Windows OS. Their pricing also varies whereas the choice made available for Mac laptops are not quite as extensive. Consequently, if you are looking for an OS with more options then Windows is your choice.



All the above information, points out to the fact that the Mac versus Window laptop debate is determined by several factors. Depending on which factor you take into consideration, you may or may not get a clear cut winner. This is a very dynamic field and what weighs in favor of one brand today, may very well work against it tomorrow when the competition develops and launches a newer product.