Costa Rica

However, there are a few people who are adventurers and they like going to places where no one has explored. Millions of visitors from all over the world visit places in these countries, but the world is changing rapidly and so are the destinations of the world. New destinations like Brazil, New Zealand, Malaysia and Hong Kong are soon becoming the most preferred tourism destination in the world as most of the places here are unexplored and has something new to offer to the visitors.


In the region of Central America, Costa Rica is one such country that is new on the map of world tourism but promises to stay and lead the competition for a long period of time in the future. Though, the country is smaller than its other neighboring countries it has a great potential to become the best tourism country in the world and if you visit Costa Rica you will see that the people there have already started working to make Costa Rica the holiday destination of the world. Costa Rica is covered by oceans on two sides. On the south west side you have the North Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea covers it from the north east side. The country is very close to Panama and therefore you will find some great landscapes here in Costa Rica.

Costa Rics

Costa Rica is famous for beach lovers because it is covered by oceans on two sides. You will find a lot of beaches all over the country. The beaches here have white sand which reminds you of some island destination like Mauritius and Hawaii. However, since they are expensive you can always come down to Costa Rica and enjoy the same kind of atmosphere and environment. Now that we are talking about the environment let me tell you that Costa Rica has the best climate in the Central America and when you land in San Jose or when you are moving to any other part of Costa Rica you will find that the country is cleaner than other Central American countries which is why Costa Rica has earned the reputation of being the fifth cleanest country in the world.

The country also boasts about the best marine biodiversity on the planet and therefore not only tourists but also many scientists and explorers come here to enjoy the best of the nature. If you are an adventurer Costa Rica has more to offer like rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing, trekking and surfing. If you love food than it is in Costa Rica that you will find the best Central American cuisines and delicacies. It is said that the Costa Rican coffee is the best coffee you have every tasted so don’t miss that when you are in Costa Rica.